Advanced Rider Training

Advanced Rider Training


Advanced Rider Training

Advanced Rider Training


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What is A.R.T.?

Overall aim

To enable participants to become faster and safer riders who gain increased enjoyment from their motorcycling, be it on road or track.


The syllabus is designed to set out the framework for the components of the tuition for all four classifications of riders that participate in the one-day Advanced Rider Training (ART) days organised by Auckland Motorcycle Club Inc (the Club).  The emphasis at all times is on safety and learning in a controlled practical sports motorcycling environment. The course is for road and road race riders, but is open to such riders on all types of road registered motorcycles as well as road race motorcycles.

Riders may choose for themselves the classification in which they intend to participate, the four classifications being:

1.      Novice

2.      Fast Novice

3.      Intermediate

4.      Fast

The course is designed so that novice riders may progress through all four classifications if they so wish, but also so that more expert riders may commence at any level they choose.  The Club has the right to suggest that riders be reclassified in the event of apparent mismatch between ability and level for any individual rider.

The term “Novice” in the context of this course is a relative one. It is expected that all riders have at least an unrestricted motorcycle road riding licence or a Motorcycling New Zealand Inc (MNZ) road race competition licence — however, learner and restricted licence holder applications can be considered.

The ART days are designed to be a mix of theoretical and practical riding tuition, with the emphasis being on the riding experience under the supervision and mentoring of the Club’s instructors.

Riders are provided feedback on their riding during the ART day.

To view participant instructions, have a look at the Rider Briefing below.

ART’s Very Important People

ART days wouldn't exist if it wasn't for our highly valued team of volunteers:

  • Kevin Gray
  • Linda Westlake
  • Scott Findlay
  • Dione Robinson
  • Mike Cross
  • Mike Messiter
  • Vince Sharpe
  • Paul Pavletich
  • Colleen Thompson
  • Alistair Wilton
  • Graham Bastow
  • Murray Thomson
  • Bill Cooney
  • Greg Abbiss
  • Neil Martin
  • Brian Deadman
  • Greg Sharpe
  • Colin Grant
  • Keith Brock

Find out a little more about our instructors here.