• Mt Wellington Kart Track (map)
  • 29 Tainui Road
  • Auckland, Auckland, 1072
  • New Zealand

Bucket Practice

Saturday 19 November 2016, 9:00am

There will still be plenty of practice time on the Saturday, but this is not a normal bucket practice day. Riders will be getting used to different bikes and teams will be sorting out the best settings to suit both their riders in preparation for the annual bucket 2-hour race on Sunday.

If there is enough interest, there will hopefully be 2 mixed doubles races and a sidecar endurance race on the Saturday.

Here is the intended program for practice and racing on Saturday (the exact times may vary on the day):

9am gates open
10am riders briefing
10:15am practice
2:15pm mixed doubles qualifying
2:30pm mixed doubles practice Le Mans start
2:45pm sidecars 10 lap race
3pm mixed doubles race (15 laps each)
3:30pm sidecar endurance race (20 laps)
More practice if time permits

$10 for AMCC members
$20 for non-AMCC members

You must sign on before entering the track. No exceptions!

Bucket Racing

Sunday 20 November 2016, 9:00am

Auckland Bucket Racing — 2-Hour Endurance Race

Race day at Mt Wellington

This is a special once-a-year event for teams of 2. The race starts with a "Le Mans start" and ends two hours later. Each member of the team must race for no less than 55 minutes. Qualifying is done via a "Superpole" session in which riders have the option of running one fast lap to qualify. Each team must bring along someone who can be part of the flag marshalling team for the day.

Many B-Grade riders will race in the 2-hour. However, for C-Grade riders and those B-Grade riders who aren't comfortable running in the 2-hour, there is also a 40-lap Endurance race that can be run in teams of two or "ironman" (one rider).

Here is the intended program for racing on Sunday (the exact times may vary on the day):

9am gates open
9:15am-10am sign on and machine examination
10am-10:15am - riders briefing
10:15am-11:30am - practice (10min sessions for A-grade and B-grade)
11:30am-12:30pm - superpole
12:30pm-1:30pm - practice Le Mans starts for 2-hour and 40-lap race
1:30pm-2pm - 40-lap endurance race
2pm-4pm - 2-hour endurance race
4:30pm - prizegiving and sausage sizzle

Entry fee (per rider): $30 senior, $20 junior
One-day licence: $30 (if you don't have an MNZ licence and an MNZ-affiliated club licence)
Transponder hire (per bike): $10 (if you don't have your own)
Flag marshal fee: $10 (to be distributed among flag marshals after the event)

You must sign on before entering the track. No exceptions!

Contact: f4buckets@gmail.com