Auckland Motorcycle Club
Media Release

23 April, 2016.

As was expected, several classes had a shakeup with the double-points format for the finale of the 2015–2016 Auckland Motorcycle Club Series on April 9th.

Ray Clee. Photo credit: Philip Kavermann

Ray Clee. Photo credit: Philip Kavermann

Not least was Formula One, where Toby Summers elected not to contest the final. Andrew Stroud and Ray Clee dominated the final round of racing, to the extent that Clee snatched the overall Formula One Series title from James Hoogenboezem’s grasp, while Stroud leapt to third in the points after only competing in three of the five Rounds. Such was the effect of the double-points.

Clee, Hoogenboezem, Stroud, Toby Summers, Daniel Bird and Travis Moan had all won Formula One races over the Series, underlying just how open the class was over the summer.

Formula Two was more straightforward. After scooping both the Suzuki Series and National titles in the 600 class earlier in the season, Daniel Mettam capped a stunning summer with the AMCC Formula Two Club title also. Aaron Hassan was his main competition.

Formula Three was where a big chunk of the action was all season. Gavin Veltmeyer sealed the Club title after securing the same title in the Suzuki Series, and finishing second in the National Superlite chase. It was a very good season for the AMCC stalwart.

Jacob Stroud and Daniel Mettam were his main competition, and the three would largely monopolise the Formula Three podium in every race of the Series.

Previous National Pro-Twin 650 Champion Ben Rosendaal secured the AMCC Club Title for this Suzuki dominated class, with Nathan Jane making a storming charge at the final to elevate himself to second in the points following three race victories — and chased all the way by Josh Augustine.

Lightweight was a season of two halves. Riding a 300 Kawasaki, Will Ford had the upper hand early on; however Gavin Veltmeyer chipped away with development of the 390 KTM, and took the final six wins of the season to charge into second in the points overall — just 15 behind Ford at seasons end.

Nathanael Diprose made no contest of the Junior categories, dominating both 250 Pro-Lite and the Hyosung Cup, in a manner rarely seen.

The score was 15-from-15 in Pro-Lite, whilst in the hugely successful Hyosung Cup, Diprose was beaten only once in ten starts. That defeat came at the hands of Jacob Stroud who gave the XR4 Hyosung a maiden race win over the GTR-250 twin.

Diprose’s ability to win the start and set an early race pace that others struggled to match, defined what was an outstanding performance.

Clubmans, 125GP and the Post Classic classes rounded out the Series categories, and the highlight here was the performance of paraplegic rider Paul Garrett on his 675 Triumph. Riding in Clubmans Senior, with a dedicated support crew to assist, AMCC member Garrett proved inspirational as he secured the Clubman Senior title — taking six race wins along the way, and despite missing Round Three altogether.

The 2015–2016 AMCC Series was organised and promoted by the Auckland Motorcycle Club, who acknowledge the valuable support of Red Baron Motorcycles, Motomail, Jimz Motorcycle Ride Experience, Hyosung New Zealand, Protecta Insurance, and WIL Sport.

AMCC would also like to acknowledge their hard-working Executive, committees, and volunteers who made the organisation and execution of the Series possible.

’Til next summer.

Points — Senior Overall
Daniel Mettam                   365
Ray Clee                            293
James Hoogenboezem     281

Points — Senior: Formula One
Ray Clee                            293
James Hoogenboezem     281
Andrew Stroud                 221.5

Points — Senior: Formula Two
Daniel Mettam                  365
Aaron Hassan                   209.5
Zurin Wiki                         173

Points — Intermediate Overall
Gavin Veltmeyer               353
Ben Rosendaal                  342
Jacob Stroud                    326

Points — Intermediate: Formula Three
Gavin Veltmeyer               353
Jacob Stroud                    326
Daniel Mettam                  305

Points — Intermediate: Pro Twin 650
Ben Rosendaal                  342
Nathan Jane                      304
Josh Augustine                 293

Points — Junior Overall
Nathanael Diprose            450
William Ford                      376
Gavin Veltmeyer                361

Points — Junior: Lightweight Production
William Ford                      376
Gavin Veltmeyer                361
Dylan Byrne                       231

Points — Junior: 250 Production
Nathanael Diprose             450
Jacob Stroud                     309
Campbell Grayling             175

Points — WIL Sport Hyosung Cup
Nathanael Diprose             906
Jacob Stroud                     722
Joshua Head                      697

Points — Pre-’82 Junior
Alistair Wilton                    325
Phil Bagshaw                     305
Guy Webster                      253

Points — Pre-’82 Senior
Russell Barker                    415
Matt Ineson                        130
Graham Moorhead             65

Points — Pre-’89 Formula One
Phil Duxbury                      320
Paul Russell                        262
Paul Webb                          183

Points — Pre-’89 Formula Two
Nigel Lennox                      325
Nick Brown                        158
Edwin Terrey                      66

Points — Pre-’89 Formula Three
Hilton Jane                         300
Neil Slater                           150
Steve Collingwood             40

Points – 125GP
Chris Malcolm                    435
Chris Cain                            75

Points – Clubmans Junior
Nick Olson                         309
Brad Small                         205
Des Berghan                      130

Points – Clubmans Senior
Paul Garrett                       271
Jeff Rogerson                    249
Simon Ramsdale                201

Calendar — 2015–2016 AMCC Club Series
Rd 1        18th October, 2015
Rd 2        31st October, 2015
Rd 3        15th November, 2015
Rd 4        14th February, 2016
Rd 5        9th April, 2016