The 2016/2017 AMCC Bucket Racing Championship - Round 1

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Round one kicked off with a grenade! 19 riders entered F4 A-grade on Sunday which just shows how much the pace has progressed in the last few years. About 10 of those riders recently made the jump from B-grade which is always encouraging to see. In the second race, everyone was running 31s or faster which shows how well A-grade pushes you along. Still, the pointy end continues to be sharpened with a few riders (no prizes for guessing who) skimming the bottom of the 29 second bracket. Fierce!

A few congratulations first. One, to Aaron Hassan and the Morgan Engineering team who after a string of national level 'ring in' riders and loads of development, finally took the the maiden #63 win in race 1. Aaron also set the F4 pole position time and swung his dagger well in the 'knife fight in a phone booth' with Nathanael and Will. No easy task that! All of this on Darran's birthday too. Second congratulations to all the riders who set new PBs in the 30 second bracket, I believe there are a few of you. Now you just have to ride at the pace of those little 50s and you'll be onto something. Lastly, congratulations to the 'club bike' which chewed through over 10 litres of fuel on Saturday, almost not stopping at all and was crashed over 5 times. You deserve all the attention Henk's going to give you little feller.

Whilst it was a bit boring for me not to race in F4, it did give me a chance to excitedly watch the blood bath that was A-grade on Sunday. Aaron took out the win in race one in front of Nathanael and Will. Nathanael pulled out a 100% committed hail mary to get in front of Will in the dying laps of the race, otherwise they followed nose to tail, each dicing their way through lap traffic. The gap between Aaron and Nathanael on the line? 0.093 seconds! Seriously impressive riding. There was no stuffing around in race two as Nathanael cemented his position in the front with ELEVEN out of twelve laps in the 29 second bracket. You sir, deserved that win. Aaron picked up second 2.6 seconds behind and Will followed 3.5 seconds behind Nathanael. You all need to run gopros so we can re-watch these prison fights!

F4 B-grade looked a bit skinny with half the field taking a punt in A-grade but good racing was had none the less. Shane, Pete, Daniel and Paul fought a tough one. Shane rode a little too well and dipped under the B-grade cut off time in race one meaning he had a lap cut from the records. Hard luck shane. Pete wasn't far behind however and his consistency got the better of the young whipper snappers on his heals. Shane refined his times in race two and ran right down to the B-grade cut off time with a 32.089 to take the top step.

F4 C-grade continues to entertain with huge enthusiasm all round. Good to see a number of riders are now regulars and it's just matter of time before the times drop.

I rode an excessive amount of laps on Saturday preparing and I took absolutely everything I had to Nathanael in F5 on Sunday. I managed to get pole position which is 1/3 the battle but couldn't convert it. I crashed in race one whilst still holding onto hopes lap traffic would hold him up but it wasn't meant to be. Rick also went down in race one, probably due to his plastic tyres. My rhythm was broken and I got dropped in race two, finally placing second to at least take some points from the weekend. I was chuffed thinking I also at least had the fastest F5 lap of the weekend too but that wasn't meant to be either, Nathanael got me by 0.004s with a 30.204 lap. Damn. Must try harder. Only half a second separated Rick, Mark and Brian in race two showing how close the racing can be across the field. Rick finally picked off the final step on the podium and placed second overall for the weekend. Maybe I shouldn't sort out those new tyres for you Rick.

Aida and Will threw down the gauntlet to Henk and Rick in the sidecar races which lead to some pretty nail biting passing. Aida and Will ran off the track in race one but came back strong in race two to take the win. One a piece with Henk and Rick. Meanwhile, I think you could see the smiles of Karl and Veronica from space!

Photos of the racing over the weekend from Simon and Chris Cain can be found here. Paul Byrne also posted some stunners on the FB page here. Thanks Paul.

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