A few notices for you on the back of our annual Auckland Bucket Racing Committee planning meeting. Any questions, email through to the committee at f4buckets@gmail.com, or check the website www.amcc.org.nz. Firstly, we’re excited to soon kick off another season of racing, laughs and good times with you all. We’re particularly happy to see so many new faces in the pits so continue to encourage your mates to come have a go.

Licences and club membership
This year’s licences and memberships run out on 30 June 2017. Please, for the sanity of our sign on team, join a club and buy a licence. You need to be a member of a MNZ affiliated club to get a MNZ competition licence. Go here to https://goo.gl/DrM6XA for the AMCC club membership form then go to http://www.mnz.co.nz/licenses/national-licences and get your MNZ competition licence. Note, you only need a MNZ ‘club licence’ ($125) to compete in bucket racing, except for the once a year Grand Prix event which we can offer a one off event upgrade ($50) for.

New season
The 2016-17 season has now finished. The new season starts 1 July 2017 and runs until 30 June 2018. The first event at Mt Wellington is 6th August 2017. More information can be found at www.amcc.org.nz

Noisy bikes, track protection (Nylons/sliders) and lock wiring
At the last round there were a few new bikes and a few noticeably noiser than other bikes. We’ve lost access to a number of circuits around the country because of noise so it's always hot on our radar. We’ll be doing a review of noise and a scrutineering of your bikes at the beginning of the new season. You won’t be allowed to ride unless your bike is up to scratch. If in doubt about nylons, add more. Add it to anything that could touch the ground in a crash. Brake caliper bolts, oil drain bolts, oil filter housing bolts all need to be lock wired too and a 'sharks fin' must be fitted in front of the rear sprocket.

New A grade cut off time
Due to the increased pace at the front of A grade and the large field sizes, the lap time cut off between A and B grade will be reduced from 32 seconds to 31.5 seconds as of round 1. This means that if a B grade rider laps faster than 31.5 seconds they would be encouraged to move up to A grade & any laps faster than 31.5s would be excluded from any B grade race result. Any A grade rider regularly lapping slower than 33.5s (in the dry) will be encouraged to move to B grade. This change is simply to ensure rider safety by minimising how much lapping is done in each race.

AMCC AGM & Prize giving including the Auckland Bucket Racing series prizes
See you there: Saturday 22 July, Northern Car Club Rooms at 1110 Great South Road, Otahuhu. Starts at 6pm