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The tight racing continues at round 6 - Mt Wellington buckets

Mixed conditions at round 6 of the Mt Wellington Bucket Racing series prove competitive.

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A special mention of thanks to both Nathanael Diprose and David Diprose who ran the timing for the event. Nathanael even forfeit racing F5 to run the timing. Legends who don't get enough credit for the support they put into the sport. Thanks team!

The regular spitting rain might have thrown a wild card at the round's qualifying sessions but it didn't prove enough to hold up the storming competition in each class! Jason Hearn received his new GPR150 bike this weekend and wasted no time putting it on pole in A-grade whilst Nathanael sat out the second qualifying to concentrate on timing. Mike Spiller was right onto it putting his FXR into the 3rd spot to set up a cracker of a round's racing.

Nathanael is no slouch off the line and launched himself into first position to lead both points races start to finish and finish on the top step. Not to be outdone, Jason put his head down and closed the gap in both races crossing the line 2.4s and 1.7s behind and setting the fastest time of the weekend, a 28.9s lap. A-grade yet again steps up the competition level! Blair Lambarth, Henk Zeefen and Mike Spiller fiercely traded spots in both races for 3rd place. Henk took it out in the first race then Blair the next for what was great watching. The rest of the field was equally as entertaining with the 5 deep fight between Paul Ellis, Gary Cunningham, Wil Killip, Dylan Byrne and Ryan Fletcher heated to say the least!

With Nathanael out to do timing, Chris Cain, Rick Ford and Blair Lambarth were left to take slogs at each other in F5. Rick pushed Chris out in the first lap before coming back and with the help of Blair to hold up Rick, Chris took out 1st spot. The battle continued and Rick went down fighting to put Henk on the 3rd step. Instant replay for race 2 except Rick and Blair went to the line to decide 2nd place.

In B-grade Scott Miller, newcomer Aderino Sugiarto and Pete Leahy went toe to toe in both races. Despite Anderino dipping under the 32s lap mark (and therefore having a lap cut from him), it was Scott who powered his way to 2 race wins. 

Newcomer Nic Andrew found pace quickly in C-grade alongside Shayne Scanlen and Phil Brown. Nic also had 2 laps struck from the race after dipping under the 34s cut off in race 2. No doubt we'll see him in B-grade next meeting. Shayne comfortably took out 2nd place in race 1 and first in race 2 with solid consistent laps.

Next meeting is the North Island Series 15-16th April at Edgecumbe followed by Round 7 on 29-30th April at Mt Wellington.

Resetting the bar at Mt Wellington

The planets aligned on the weekend for what has been coming for some time, a new F4 lap record and new PBs across the board!

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Photos above with thanks from Paul Bryne.

We really didn't think the events of the last round could be beaten but here we are. Even with a number of regular riders not present, the club ran out of transponders with stacked grids turning up to battle at the Mt Wellington colosseum. The battle ground was still, warm and dry. Perfect for an unforgettable onslaught. 

Aaron came out swinging in A-grade race 1 as usual and skimmed his own lap record (28.806) by a meer 0.005s and put an unprecedented 11 seconds between himself and Nathanael. 4 of his 13 laps were in the 28s with his first lap posted at a respectable 31.077s from a standing start. Fierce. Nathanael was unfortunately riding ill and swung his axe through from 7th on the grid to 2nd place, running deep into the 29s. Chased by Steven, Henk wasn't messing around and posted his first ever 29s lap to take out the strongly contested 3rd place.

It has been said that there's an extra 1% hidden in the best of racers and that it takes a formidable foe to unleash it. Sunday was that day and rising to the challenge, even riding ill, Nathanael took it to Aaron in race 2. In 1 and 1/2 laps, Nathanael sliced his way from 5th to 2nd right behind Aaron. Trading 28 second blow for blow, the two pushed past the previous lap record to reset the bar to an unthinkable 28.483 for Aaron and an equally as impressive 28.502 for Nathanael. After 8 laps, the unusual happened, Nathanael crashed out and proved that even aliens can crash. In the same battle, Henk reposted his PB down at 29.906, joined by Steven who also broke the 29s with a 29.749 to take 2nd place by a half second. Meanwhile 6 riders behind them all posted 30s laps and all across the field, new PBs were set. Heated to say the least.

As if the A-grade melee wasn't tight enough, the pointy end of B-grade didn't disappoint! 6 of the 12 riders lapped right down to the 32 second lap cut off with James proving he could walk the line tightest, followed closely by Evan for second place. You could throw a blanket over Liam, Pete and Daniel who went three deep up to the line to cover half a second and finish in that order. Great racing. Michael unfortunately found that cut off point and had a lap stricken from the battle to place him 9th. Evan played it cool in race 2 and watched as both Michael and James posted laps under 32s to take them to the back of the standings. Daniel and Liam took out 2nd and 3rd.

New PBs continued to be set into C-grade in the solid field of 9. Fabiano showed that consistency is key to take two 1st in the races, closed contested by Scott and Aubrey. Patrick pushed hard and found himself under the time cut off in race 1 before crashing out.

Rick continues to get faster each meeting on the ESE F5 smoker pushing Nathanael along for a Nathanael 1, Rick 2 finish in both races. Mark posted 2 3rds to put him into 2nd place in the championship.

The wheel really fell off the chariot for Rick and Henk who were leading in the sidecar race 1 when... uhh... the wheel actually fell off. 2 wins for Chris Lawrence and swinger who close the gap to put them into 3rd place in the championship. Only 5 points cover the championship podium ensuring the battle continues to the end.

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